If you have a question about Filing Reminders, the following answers may be able to help. Please feel free to get in touch if you have further queries.

Why can I only search by number and not name?

Companies House make filing data available via a website called However, in order to use this we need to know the company number. Ideally we would be able to obtain a list of all company name to number mappings from Companies House, but this information is only available if you pay a fairly substantial amount of money.

As we can find the company name from the number, we are gradually building up a database of company name to number mappings, so hopefully we will be able to offer a limited 'search by name' feature in future.

How is Filing Reminders different to the official eReminders service?

The eReminders service has three major limitations:

  1. Only the registered owner of the company's Web Filing account can add subscribers, so you cannot monitor companies other than those where you are a director or secretary.
  2. A maximum of four email addresses can be subscribed to any one company.
  3. As soon as one person has subcribed to eReminders, all paper reminders will cease.

Filing Reminders does not have these limitations and allows anyone to subscribe to reminders for any company.

How can I remove a company from Filing Reminders?

There is no way to remove a company or hide its filing dates. Companies Act 2006 s 1086 permits any person to require a copy of any material on the Register of Companies, subject to certain exceptions (which do not include filing dates).

Why is the information listed out of date?

When a company files a document at Companies House, it can take several working days before the document is processed and approved and the Register updated. Once the Register has been updated, Filing Reminders will pick up the change within 24 hours. These two delays mean that a week (or possibly longer) may pass between a document being sent to Companies House and the appropriate records being updated on Filing Reminders.

If you are an officer of a company and want your data to be updated as quickly as possible, you may wish to look at electronic filing, either using WebFiling or Software Filing.

How can I change filing dates?

If you think the filing dates for a particular company are wrong you should contact Companies House directly, as they are the only organisation which can update the records.

Why do companies have to file these documents?

Under Part 15, Chapter 10 of the Companies Act 2006, the directors of a company have a duty to deliver annual accounts to Companies House. Failure to deliver the accounts on time can result in fines being imposed on the directors and a civil penalty being imposed on the company.

Under Part 24 of the Companies Act 2006, a company has a duty to deliver an annual return to Companies House. Failure to deliver the return on time can result in fines being imposed on the company, the directors, the company secretary, and all other officers of the company.

The fact that a company is dormant or non-trading does not affect the duty to file accounts and returns with Companies House, although dormant companies can file simplified accounts.

Where can I find more information about UK companies?

The definitive source for company information is Companies House, although they charge a small fee for each document you view. Level Business provides free access to annual accounts, Company Check has director details and historical accounts data and OpenCorporates provides wider data such as company groupings.